Chapter 9: Optimize for Distraction

"Optimize for Distraction" gives many examples of how distraction factors can reduce conversion rates and how you can test to fix them.

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Hair Club

Hair Club Goes Beyond Best Practices — and Increases Conversions by 20%

Find out how Hair Club, a leading hair restoration service company, increased retail lead generation conversions by 20% utilizing an A/B testing strategy that beat ‘best practices’ designs.

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Craft Website Increases Email Capture by 22.3% on Landing Page Form

Learn how FaveCrafts, a free content website aimed at crafters, used A/B/n split testing to increase email address capture on its landing page form by 22.3%!

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Overnight Prints

Online Business Supplies Retailer Uses Landing Page Optimization to Lift Order Form Entrances by 210%

Learn how, one of the leading online printers of customized printed products in the United States and Europe, improved the conversion rate of its Web traffic on one on its main landing pages for business card printing services through landing page optimization.

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