Marty Weintraub's Review of You Should Test That!

Marty Weintraub

"The days of marketing online just for the sake of being present are long gone. Stakeholders at all corporate levels now demand optimized campaigns, making clear the value proposition and return on investment. You Should Test That! reveals deep online testing secrets that fuel some of the most effective companies in the world.

Read this book, or read about it somewhere else."

—Marty Weintraub, author of Killer Facebook Ads and CEO, aimClear

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You can dramatically increase your profit and impact your business with the Strategic Marketing Optimization approach. This book will show you how.

You Will Learn:

  • How to find the words and images that move customers and prospects to buy.
  • How to dramatically lift conversion rates for leads, sales and revenue.
  • How to find the right value proposition for your products or services.
  • How to use the proven conversion optimization system and hypothesis frameworks.
  • How companies like Shutterfly, Google, Salesforce, Electronic Arts, Iron Mountain, SAP (and many other fast-growth companies and startups) have used these techniques to get up to 400% conversion rate lift.
  • How to prioritize where to test and what to test to maximize profit lift and marketing insights.
  • How to move beyond just conversion rate lift to make business decisions through tested insights.

You can stop endless debates over your website design and content. Read You Should Test That! and learn what really works in marketing today.

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