Justin Cutroni's Review of You Should Test That!

Justin Cutroni

"Analytics is amazing. But all the data and analysis in the world doesn't mean anything unless you take action. And in the online world that means testing.

But many people are scared to test. They don't understand the process and think it's too complicated or risky. And they very rarely know where to start. Chris does a great job of presenting an easy-to-understand framework that will help anyone in the online space get started with testing. Once you start testing you'll come to understand testing as a way to better understand your user and not just a way to improve conversion rate."

—Justin Cutroni, author of Google Analytics, co-author of Performance Marketing with Google Analytics and blogger at cutroni.com/blog

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You can dramatically increase your profit and impact your business with the Strategic Marketing Optimization approach. This book will show you how.

You Will Learn:

  • How to find the words and images that move customers and prospects to buy.
  • How to dramatically lift conversion rates for leads, sales and revenue.
  • How to find the right value proposition for your products or services.
  • How to use the proven conversion optimization system and hypothesis frameworks.
  • How companies like Shutterfly, Google, Salesforce, Electronic Arts, Iron Mountain, SAP (and many other fast-growth companies and startups) have used these techniques to get up to 400% conversion rate lift.
  • How to prioritize where to test and what to test to maximize profit lift and marketing insights.
  • How to move beyond just conversion rate lift to make business decisions through tested insights.

You can stop endless debates over your website design and content. Read You Should Test That! and learn what really works in marketing today.

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